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    Life of a Boss who Strives for Excellence and Never Settles for Less.

    I pride myself on being a goal driven innovator who brings value to growing organizations. Over the past four years, I have earned two degrees, tackled numerous assignments, and experienced many different work opportunities which all helped me realize that my true passion is Marketing. My vast marketing knowledge and business savvy allows me to confidently lead with greatness.


    When I was growing up my father owned his own business and through experiential learning, I was able to grasp key business concepts at an early age. My interest was sparked and my passion grew. As I grow older my thirst for knowledge expanded my horizon into marketing. Under the marketing umbrella is where I found my home. I love learning about clients, industry trends, and new innovative ways to link consumers to brands. My own personal goal in life is nothing short of success and I use the same ideology when working within my field. Success is not just a monetary value but the value in which you bring to the client and the value the client brings to the consumer.


    Today I work for the City of Orlando as the Media and Marketing Director for District 2 Commissioner Tony Ortiz. I manage all of our Social Media accounts, our web page, and create all the printed and web assets included but not limited to flyers, newsletters, Twitter images, etc.. I also shoot all the photography at events. Outside of all those tasks I have the opportunity to make an impact in our local community by spearheading a campaign to increase youth participation and engagement. Working in public service and actively advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves is so fulfilling it amazes me sometimes.

  • Experience is everything.

    Download a copy of my complete resume, here or visit my LinkedIn.


    November 2014 - December 2015

    As the Client Success Manager, I ensured all clients contracts were fulfilled and performing properly. I also recruited, hired, managed, and scheduled 20+ employees on a weekly basis while servicing clients. I also focused on lead generation through research and social media strategies and grew the company Twitter account from 0-160 followers organically within three weeks.


    Zeno Office Solutions

    August 2014 –

    October 2014

    As a Business Technology Consultant, I sold business technology solutions to a wide range of industries. I worked with clients to help optimize their workflow and increase their productivity by utilizing a revolutionary methodology.

    CKS Marketing

    August 2013 – December 2013

    As a Marketing Intern, I supported over 12 clients social media networks by actively and strategically posting to their accounts. I also worked in conjunction with the University of Central Florida Office of Research and Commercialization as well as the Business Incubator Program. I was a member of the editorial team and a contributing writer of the 'The Innovator'.

    Office Depot

    January 2009 – September 2012

    As the Copy and Print Team Leader, I drove sales in order to meet departmental and store goals. I established relationships with local businesses to create consistent cash flow. I also trained all new employees within the department as well as implement new and innovative advertising campaigns.

  • Education to back it up.

    University of Central Florida

    Bachelor of Science in

    Interdisciplinary Studies

    Graduated Cum Laude & focused my studies in Pubic Affairs, Art, and Marketing.

    DeVry University

    Associate of Science in

    Web Graphic Design

    Graduated with Honors & focused my studies in Web Graphic Design and Management.

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